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Out Loud Thinking


(Kb too brazy)
(Ayo, Kxnzo)

When they treat you like the strongest, it make you the weakest (Preach)
The one that always gon' come through when anybody need it (I got you)
But my pride so big that if I need it, I keep it a secret (I'm good)
So if I ever ask for help, that mean I really need it (Facts)
Sometimes I wanna hear I love you 'cause I really need it (I needed that)
And if I ever said I love you, then I really mean it (I meant that)
Used to think that love was blind until I actually seen it (Fuck love)
To cut you off, don't need no scissors now, just need a reason
Million dollar vision, they won't see it how you see it (It's a blessing)
I'm careful with my heart 'cause they won't treat it how I treat it (It's special)
Dropped one ho and got ten more 'cause, ayy, that shit was easy (Want 'em all)
But I kept doubling back 'cause they don't eat it how you eat it (Not at all)
And I ain't ask them folks for nothing, just believe in me (That's all)
'Cause what I'm bringing to the table, man, we all can eat (Let's ball)
But they don't even understand how much it mean to me (At all)
They ass don't even know this shit ain't just a dream to me (Swear to God)
My life a movie, it's a lot of shit behind the scenes (Action)
Fuck the social sites, it's too much capping on them things (All that 'flaging)
Lately, I've been to myself, nah, I don't wanna link (I'm good)
My eyes so on the prize right now that I don't wanna blink (On God)
Had too many bitches in my circle, it ain't fit right (We was deep)
Them hoes was flop, I try to see it from the flip side (Shit was weak)
Made 'em stand on what they did 'cause it ain't sit right (Got 'em out of there)
I could've did them bitches wrong, but shit, I did right
I ain't fucked up 'bout no nigga, but a nigga got me fucked up (On the gang)
He thinkin' he a player, boy, your sorry ass in trouble (Stupid)
Livin' single and I'm happy, I ain't tryna be a couple (Nah)
Tryna triple all my income now, I gotta do some doubles
Man, money come and go so fast, I blow it like a bubble (Blow it like a bubble)
And these bitches counterfeit, they ain't a hundred, I can't trust 'em (Bitches fake)
I be givin' it to 'em raw, that's why I'm quick to yell out, "Fuck 'em" (Fuck 'em)
Ayy, money make me cum and I be quick to get some money (Just like that)
They askin' why I ain't gave up (Nah) , I got a hundred reasons
It's 2020, but you gotta keep that tunnel vision (I see through it)
Bitches two-faced, had me thinkin' I had double vision
And I can't make you be a hundred, love, that's your decision

Ayy, man, ayy
Anyways, life's great, man
I'm live from the pen' once again, man
Free me, free big Broad Day, man
I'ma be home soon, man
You have one minute remaining
Yeah, man, y'all know I'm gonna talk my shit, man
Ayy, man, they know, man, I been told y'all a long time ago this shit gon' take off, man
Y'all sleep, what y'all doing? Y'all ain't on this Glorilla
Come on, man
Anyways, life's great, man
I'ma be home real soon, man
They thought I was gone, I'm damn near home, jack
Free the gang, you hear me?
Let's go
Yeah, big shit, free Rambo, bitch

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